Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ashes or Gold

There is a fire inside
Why does it have to burn
the self and everything else?
Why can't it be the light
that gives courage to keep walking?
I don't understand
Why does it have to burn?

There is a fire inside
Why should it be angst
to rant through rhyme and song?
Why can't it be love
that warms countless chilled hearts?
I don't understand
Why should it be angst?


Seema Smile said...

The first step is identifying the source of the fire. Shall I call the brigade?

Just kidding!

Good writing :)

Dwiti said...

I guess thats the difference between Fire and Silence...
Both urge you towards action...

but one gives a burn in the heart,
and the other, a cold lonely feeling...

Flying Machine said...

@ Dwiti: Silence could also lead to solitude :)

Seema Smile said...

I disagree about Silence leading to solitude. From my experience, a spot of silence is usually looked upon by another party as an opening to fill in with inane chatter. I'd rather fill up the silence with some music.

And to quote to the Joker, 'Why so serious?'

jimthemangotree said...

....maybe it is the mexican food

Fanaah said...

Cause somewhere you made the error of thinking you can control the fire